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Classic & Volume Foundations

Classic & Volume Foundations

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Lash Dreams is offering private training for select individuals who are eager to grow in the lash industry. We strive to provide personalized hands on training to get the maximum learning experience. Our goal in the industry is to make a difference by providing training that does not damage the natural lashes & is done with integrity. To provide this educational experience, our classes will hold a maximum of 5 people in order to give our undivided attention.

What this class includes:

  • Classic + Volume Theory Manual
  • Mannequin Heads
  • Sponges
  • Lash starter kit including: tweezers, adhesive, lash tiles, classic + volume lash trays lengths 9mm-14mm (12 trays total) micropore tape, foam tape, primer, bonder, swabs, fan, stored in a portable train case ($400 value)

What this class covers:

  • Classic Isolation and Application on sponges, mannequins, and live models
  • Volume Fan Making and Application using the Shimmying Technique on sponges, mannequins, and live models
  • Lash Layers
  • Eye Shapes
  • Lash Styling and Lash Maps
  • Importance of temperature and humidity
  • Proper lash set-up and taping
  • Allergies and contraindications
  • Customer service and building clientele
  • Marketing and Lash photography
This course was meticulously constructed by artists in the industry with more than 10 years of combined experience. We are licensed and insured, always prioritizing that everything is done safely and correctly.

Requirements: esthetician/cosmetology license or proof of enrollment in esthetician/cosmetology school.
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